Kiteline V2

Super fast and easy to attach to your kitelines, no rubber bands, no shaky shots and your 4line safety actually works.
You simply wrap your powerlines in the mount and click them in place, you can start filming with in several minutes. 



This mount can be used on all cable parks! Just slide the line in and your ready to film in a matter of seconds!



Whether you like to us this mount on a boat or a 2.0 system, this mount will work on any handle.

It has a super strong hold so no worries about your action cam, it will stay attached!

The best action mounts available today

All the action mounts we make are developed especially for use in extreme sports and conditions. Our goal is to make mounts that create movies and pictures with the rider always in the center of attention. With view of angles that you’ve never seen before!

Innovative creative designs

Before drawing a 3D design of a new idea we always try to think of new creative ways to improve the use of the mount. This wavelock system is a good example!

Extensive testing for the best shots

We tested all our products and change the prototypes constantly to make sure you get the best product available!